About Black Forest

Black Forest Theater Company is a collaboration of artists committed to creating original, organic, theatrical/visual work that disturbs, delights, and inspires our audience through sight, sound, movement, and text. We embrace a vision that emphasizes the abstract, the non-linear, the ephemeral. We aspire to present work to the community that speaks to the eye and to the spirit. We believe in the visionary power of art. We believe that, by bringing out the primary vision of the artist, singly or in collaboration, we can create unique and powerful art that can change the world. We want to challenge our audience to look at the world with new eyes. Look, listen, awake! The world is more than what you know, more than what you say, more than what you think...it is.

Elston Gunn is Banished from Eden is the title song of our new opus, a ROCK OPERA about a one-eyed director who has lost the capacity to reduce the world to one frame. The song features the vocal stylings of James Moeller, Carla Hayden and Patrick McDonald.