Current Production

"Elston Gunn is Banished from Eden"
Text by James Moeller
Music by Moeller/Hayden/ McDonald

Our latest theatrical excursion/ROCK OPERA will Premiere in the Fall of 2007. We are currently in the delicate and not so delicate process of work-shopping and filming scenes as well as composing music for this projected opus!

The show is very vaguely based on the director Nicholas Ray, the man who gave us “Rebel Without a Cause,” “Johnny Guitar,” and other quirky and revered films. Seems Ray had some difficulty later in his career deciding just what to put into the film frame. We don't give advice and we don't predict the future, but that's the kind of subject matter that we like to give a big “hello!”

See a sneak preview this summer at the "Abbie Hoffman Died for Your Sins” Festival always hosted the third week of August, at the fabulous Mary-Arrchie theater.

Please contact us and we’ll update you on the production dates.