Past Productions

Previous productions have been presented at a wide range of venues including: Voodoo Child and Snake Charmer at Cafe Voltaire, X & Y at the Mary Archie Theater at Angel Island, Another Korea at Izzo's Artery, Movie Head at Gallery 2828, Space Modulator and Dino vs The Black Swan, Another Korea Revisited and Free Henry Goodbar, Telepath at Peter Jones Gallery .

For more infomation on each production, click on its link below.

2005 - 'Free Henry Goodbar, Telepath' in Edinburgh

2004 - 'Free Henry Goodbar, Telepath'

2003 - 'Another Korea Revisited'

2002 - 'Dino vs. the Black Swan'

2001 - 'Space Modulator'

1999 - 'Moviehead'

1998 - 'Another Korea'

1997 - 'X & Y'

1996 - 'Snake Charmer'

1995 - 'The Voodoo Child